Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About the Bachelor

ABOUT the Bachelor:
     Im going to just do a little rambling:

Firstly, my faith is in Jesus. Im far from being the"ultimate Christian" I sin just like everyone else does and Im a lot of fun, just hold myself accountable for my actions , try to not make the same mistakes and am pretty happy I have Jesus by my side. Ive been through a lot in life, lived all over the place, been to war, lost my faith, refound my faith etc etc......I feel that I have a lot to offer the right woman. Humbled but confident. A reformed alpha male. A hopeful romantic.
Im a family man. I love my family, many of my friends I also consider my family and Im very close with all of them. Even my extended family of whom I dont see that often, we got that bond and it is just unbreakable. Definitely want a family of my own someday.......so who wants to pop some babies!! haha im just playing. Im pretty old fashioned for these days Im thinking...my girl doesn't open a door, to include the car door. Kinda think i need a woman who actually wants that type of respect.
On that note of being old fashioned, ya I definitely am.......but Im all about things being 50/50 and I do those things out of chivalry. I think a lot of women see it as I dont think they can do it themselves, which is just silly in my opinion. .......
Which brings me to one of my least favorite words "INDEPENDENT". I think this word sums up the marital problems in the USA to the "T". It's what everyone, both girls and boys, men and women are taught to "strive for".Well my opinion is it sucks! It takes away from what man and woman should/could be together.., in particular what Jesus actually says in the bible about how a man and woman should be together. Yes we should be able to take care of ourselves, but when a man and a woman come together and join forces in love, career , EVERYTHING they become a force that is ten times stronger than doing it solo....because it is strengthened by their love for eachother and by each person's strengths.....So this big push for "INDEPENDENCE" creates a situation where everything is about ME,ME,ME.............isnt that the exact opposite of what a relationship should be built on? Hello divorce rate.....in referring to what Jesus says in the bible...... 'For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. "So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate."....
End of Rambling::::

Things I enjoy:
Hiking, boating, fishing, BBQ's, Concerts, billiards, Nature,
My Dog, My Nephew, Weather, Scary Movies, Holidays,
Fireworks, Sunsets, Horseshoes, Poker, RedSox, Patriots,
Celtics, Beach, News, Laughing, Exploring, Animals 
Learning and more! haha


Potential love connection bonuses in order of importance.

1.     Christian….Ive dated other religions and atheists in the past.
       This actually is a requirement and the only must have. Sorry,
       but I love me some Jesus!

2.    Understands what is truly important in life……………….LOVE

3.     Kindness and sense of humor. These are huge. We all
know any descendent of the Gohring blood line are full of
     this stuff and we need her to fit in! lol

4.     Never been married. Id like to be the first and the last.
      Being married in God’s eyes is a HUGE deal.

5.     No children or one child. Im pretty strict with this one from
      past experiences and no I don’t think Im shallow.  Shoot I
could have a child right now, just about all of us single people
      have done things where we could be a parent. It is
      understandable and I LOVE kids…in fact the last two people I
      dated had TWO each!, but the baby mama drama isn’t
something I am willing to do again! Sorry I learned my lesson.

6.     Wants to have children
       we all know there need to be more Joey G.’s hahaha

7.     Not overly superficial or materialistic. Meh, no thanks.

8.     Age range Id say 25-36 is just about right.
     Acceptions made on a case to case basis.

9.     Live within 35 miles of Plymouth or
within 35 miles of Falmouth.

10.     Being attractive is usually a good thing! Haha….
       I don’t need a supermodel. Been there and done that
       and im kinda all set to be honest. You all know what I
       look like and obviously I am SUPER HOTT ! lol jk….
        but lets just say im a 7…. Ok maybe im a 7.5 but does
        it really matter?  A  5 to an 8 would be just fine by me…
       maybe even a 4 if she was wicked cool personality matters
       way more, but there does need to be attraction. I spent too
much time on this section, but atleast it was put at the
      last spot of importance!




What Joe the Bachelor is all about.

Hello everyone! 
So here is my story and why I chose to make this page.
First of all many of you don’t know this, but  I have actually been
single for almost FIVE years now. Yes I’ve had a few very short
term relationships, but honestly I don’t really think that counts. I
have dated many women over those 5 years and although I did
have some minor success,I didn’t really find that special someone

Many times you hear that so and so meet so and so through a
friend, family, or work. Unfortunately, I basically work alone so
throw that one out. ….and believe it or not neither my friends nor
my family have set me up with anyone…not even a date in 5 years!
My guess would be that everyone thinks “oh Joe is dating and
doesn’t need help”. Guess what? This is your official notification
that  I’d totally dig getting some help!

So that being said…here I am making a “bachelor”facebook page
for myself haha. The truth is I actually want to be with someone! 
AND apparently I am not doing such a good job at finding them

I’ve had to “start from scratch” with each person that I’ve dated
knowing ZERO about them and then ultimately finding out that
they are not the type of woman that I want to be with in many of
the cases, of course sometimes that chemistry just isn’t there

The point is that Ive been spending a lot of time doing the getting
to know the person thing and I see an opportunity with my family
and friends on facebook  that could potentially move me out of
that time consuming stage of finding out if the girl is a good
person or not!

In other words lets say one of you knows a great girl who is a
good person and is single and poof I don’t have to waste my time
finding out that she isn’t a good person.  Talk about increasing my
chances of actually meeting “the one”….im utterly frustrated at
things going good and “girls faking who they really are” in order to
win me over and then I find out they aren’t quite as nice as I was
sold to believe.

How This Works
So this is how the facebook bachelor page goes. Take a peak at
some of the things that would be a major bonus as to a potential
love connection with me on the Potential tab on my facebook
wall and maybe someone you know of might suddenly pop in
your head.
It may seem I want a lot, but don’t forget ive been blessed
be surrounded by unbelievably great women like my mom, my

sisters,  my cousins, my friends, my two best friend’s mothers I
mean damn im lucky, but you girls make the bar so high! 

….so maybe you have someone in mind and well hey its
pretty simple to tell them about my page and they can buddy me
up and take a look for themselves….and you never know. Or
maybe you have another idea.